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It is not correct to think that Islam does not contain the virtues for those who seek the true path by looking at the situation of some so-called Muslims who do not benefit from the beauties of Islam. Such people’s false attachment to Islam and their actions contradicting Shariah (sacred Law of Islam) will not lead them to salvation. Islam suffices to satisfy the needs of those who follow it and adorn them with good akhlaq (morals). The improvement of Muslims and orderliness in their manners are thanks to their religion. Those who seem to be followers of Islam outwardly while behaving exactly the opposite of what Islam teaches will never attain success.

Islam guarantees the happiness and success in both worlds for people who hold fast to the Ahkam (Rulings) of the deen, adorning themselves with the akhlaq (morals) promoted by Islam, and not for those who reject its rulings and practise its good manners. Both Qur’an al-Karim and Ahadith al-Sharifah speak about this fact. Our religion further declares that those who claim to be following Islam while committing any kind of evil will be punished more severely than those who have no such claim.

The following example can be given for those who are so-called followers of Islam but are deprived of benefiting from it:

Let’s assume that a person has a library where there are very invaluable books on akhlaq (morals) and righteous deeds, but he has never opened those books once in his life and benefited from them. Just because he collected those books and took care of their maintenance, can we say, “This man must be virtuous. Otherwise, those books in that library have no value?” No, of course not. Islam has announced that reading and understanding the contents of the books are not sufficient. One should act upon the knowledge he acquired. This is not even enough; he needs to do it in ikhlas (sincerity). In the Holy Qur’an, the situation of the people explained above resembles a donkey which carries a load of thick books, unaware of the contents of the books, without benefitting from them at all.

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