Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan (q.s.) was born in the village of Ferhatlar, in the present day Bulgarian district of Razgrad, Silistra in H1305 – 1888AD. His father, Osman Bey, completed his education in Istanbul and was a lecturer for many years at Satirli Madrasah in Silistra. His mother’s name is Hatice Hanim. His grandfather, Mahmud Efendi, known widely as Kaymak Hafiz, was a wise man who lived near to 110 years.

His family, known as the Hojazadeler (Sons of Hodja) have their lineage linked to Idris Bey. Idris Bey was appointed the Tuna Han (Governor of the Danube) by Fatih Sultan Mehmed (Conqueror of Istanbul) and on top of that, was married to his sister.

While still staying in Istanbul, his father, Osman Bey saw a very remarkable dream. In his dream he saw a piece of his flesh separate from his body, raise to the sky and lighten the world. He interpreted his dream as ‘a child from his lineage will spiritually enlighten the world.

When he returned to Silistra he married, and from his four sons, Fehim, Suleyman Hilmi, Ibrahim and Halil, he saw the signs of his dream in Suleyman Hilmi, thus, he showed effort and importance to his upbringing.

Suleyman Hilmi (q.s.) was firstly educated at Satirli Madrasah and then at Silistra Madrasah. He was then sent to Istanbul by his father to complete his education.

When his father sent him to Istanbul, he gave him this advice:

My son, if you study well in the knowledge of Usul Fiqh, you will be strong in your religion. If you study well in the knowledge of Mantiq (logic), you will be strong in your Ilm (knowledge)."

In Istanbul, he attended lessons of the professor of Fatih and one of the famous scholars of the era, Bafrali Ahmed Hamdi Efendi, and graduated as the top student in 1913.

After completing the Kismi-Ali, Daru-l Hilafetil Aliyye Madrasah in 1916, he enrolled in the 3 year doctorate course of Tafseer and Hadith branches of Madrasat al Mutahassisin (Suleymaniye Madrasah). Having completed the first two years successfully, together with twenty other students, they were made Professors of Istanbul by the offer of Sheikhul-Islam and the approval of Sultan Mehmed Vahdeddin. In 1919 he graduated from Madrasat al Mutahassisin with a first degree pass.

Before enrolling at the Madrasat al Mutahassisin he entered and passed the Madrasat al Kuzat (Law) exam, coming first. But when he notified his father with much pleasure about this, he received this telegraph:

Suleyman, I did not send you to Istanbul so that you can go to hell.

With this telegraph, his father reminded him of the Hadith, Rasulullah (s.a.w) said: “Two judges out of three are in hell.

Suleyman Hilmi (q.s.) explained to his father that his “intention was never to become a judge, but instead gain perfection in all religious knowledges.” Therefore, having become a professor from the Suleymaniye Madrasah with a major in Tafseer and Hadith, he also gained the rank of being a judge from Madrasat al Kuzat.

Therefore he had graduated with the highest degree of worldly and Islamic knowledge.

He was granted the holy duty of being the 33rd and last chain of the Silsila Saadaat. He was tied to the 32nd chain, Salahuddeen Ibnu Mawlana Sirajuddeen. After the greatness of his ability, his Ustaz spiritually handed him over to the Imami Rabbani Mujaddid Alfithani Ahmad Farouq Sarhandi.

 And now, in the last era of this World, his enlightenment is continuing and with this a lot of people have been saved from the swamps of Kufr and more are being guided in the true path of AhliSunnah wa’l-Jama’ah.

Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan (Qaddasallahu sirrahul a’az) passed away on Wednesday 16 September 1959 (H. 13 Rabi’ al Awwal 1379). However his authority and enlightenment as a whole and with all its perfection are continuous.

May Allah (s.w.t) grant those who love him and all the believers their Shafaat. (Ameen)

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