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Sheikh Hasan Efendi (Rahmatullâhi Alayhi), the Wa’iz (preacher) at Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Istanbul and the Khalifah (successor) of Sumbul Efendi (demised in 1617 C.E.) narrates:

When I was traveling to Arabia, I visited Basra to visit the grave of Hasan Basri Quddisa Sirruhû. I became the guest of a person named Haji Ahmed and stayed in his house for a few days. One day, my host told me about one of his memories. He said:

“There was a very learned man, named Yahya in our city whose speech was well attended . However, his Aqeedah (creed) was corrupted. He was not following the creed of Ahl-Sunnah. Many times, we heard him uttering ill statements about Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman Radhiyallâhu Anhum. Since he had good relations with the notables of the city, nobody dared to say anything to him. I learned that he once laid a complaint to the Pasha (general) about me. He put a lot of complaints claiming that I never pray behind him and that I also dissuaded the public from praying behind him.

The Pasha summoned me and asked me whether I pray behind him or not. I said, “Sir, would a person cast himself into the Fire knowingly? How could I pray behind him while knowing his Aqeedah is wrong?” and I walked away. One day later, I saw Yahya Efendi in the marketplace. He was yelling around, ‘O Muslims! Come here. Hurry!’ We approached him hurriedly. We noticed that he had teeth in his hands. He spoke:

“O people, last night, I had a dream. It was the Day of Qiyamah (Judgment). I was feeling very thirsty. I was almost about to die of thirst. While I was trying to find water, I saw a huge fountain. There was an old man with a radiant face next to the fountain who was giving water to passers-by. I approached and asked him who he was. He replied, ‘I’m Abu Bakr Siddiq.’ I said to him, ‘I did not like you when I was in the world. I will not drink the water you give.’ And I continued to walk around the fountain.

Then, I saw Umar and Uthman. I spoke to them in the same manner. Lastly, I saw Ali (Karramallahu Wajhaju), and I sank before his feet rubbing my face on his feet, saying. ‘Help me, my Sultan! I’m parched. Give me some water!’ He asked, “Haven’t you met my brothers on your way?” I said, ‘Yes, but I didn’t drink water from them because I don’t love them. I love you and desire to drink water from your blessed hands.’ Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallâhu Anhu smacked me on my face so severely, which caused me to wake up. I found all my teeth had  fallen off.

O Muslims! I was on the wrong path until now. Praise be to Allah, who showed me the right way. I now declare I took lesson from my state.”

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