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I just want to join Saturday's Critters party which is organized by Eileen. They have been celebrating this party for 462 weeks. That's great! To join this party you just need to read this:

If you love all God's creatures like I do and also like to blog about them and take critter photos this is where you can share your critter post. Link up your post and share your critters, join in with my critter party! You can share any kind of critters the real ones, pretend ones, statues and paintings, a new or old post!

Above you are reading a hadith in Turkish. Hadith means sayings and actings of the Prophet Muhammed (SAS). He says in this hadith that "Only the merciful people will enter Paradise."

So we need to be merciful to every critters. I hope we can all enter the Paradise (Jannah).

Please follow me, I will follow you back. I will be more active in this new blog. Have a nice weekend. [I just remember that today is Sunday, not Saturday. :)]

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  1. Very nice post to help more people share their critter photos.

  2. I love Elaine's Saturday critters! Fun blog hop!
    Nice to meet you!

  3. Very nice and useful post. Thanks.

  4. Interesting post about sharing critter photos.

  5. Saturday's Critters is always fun. I hope you'll share some of your critter pix too!

  6. Muy interesante, te mando un beso

  7. Critters surely do add beauty to this world. :)

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