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I just want to join my second Saturday's Critters party with unusual and funny photos of the critters. :) First of all, if you also want to join this party, which has been coordinated by Eilenn for 463 weeks, click here

Cow In The Ark

If someone narrates this, we can not believe however we can see the cow in the ark now. Poor cow! Do you know the type of this cow? Is it a buffalo?

Cat With Wings

It is looking so surprised! I belive it can fly if he believes in itself! :)

Fox In Vending Machine

Have you eveer seen a fox in vendding machine? "Hey Foxy, could you pass me a Twix please!" :)

The Dog Will Kill Itself

As far as I understand from the window, there is a birthday party inside the house. Maybe it's birthday!

The Dog Stucked Under The Fence

Poor white dog! It's eyes say that "help me!" I wish I was there to help you my friend!

There Is No Way There!

Isn't it so funny? :)

Beware of the Stucked Dog!

Everything was OK until it gets stucked. The hole must be widen I think. 

Have a nice weekend! Waiting to read your comments! 

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  1. Interesting critter photos, they do seem to be in some weird places. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. Hello some of these photos are quite disturbing. Poor creatures do need help.

    1. Yes you are right @Breathtaking. I need to change "funny" to "disturbing". :(

  3. There really are stranger than fiction things out in the real world. Thanks for sharing!

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