In the 28th and 29th āyahs of Sūrah al-Wāqiah, Allāh Ta‘ālā mentions the blessings which the people of Jannah will have: “They (those who will receive their books from right) will be among thornless lote trees and (banana) trees layered (with fruit)…

According to some scholars of Islam the lote tree mentioned in the āyah (verse) above is a cherry tree. These trees and their fruits are superior to their similitudes in the world. The people of Jannah will benefit from the fruits and shades of these trees.

Since the cherry is a thorny tree, the cherry trees in Jannah are described as thornless.

Imām Bayhāqī (raḥmatullāhi ‘alayhi) narrated: “One day, a bedouin came and said: “O, Prophet of Allāh! Allāh Ta‘ālā mentions a (thorny) tree in the Holy Qur’ān causing harm. However, I do not think a tree harming people can exist.” Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) asked: “Which tree is that?” The bedouin replied: “The cherry”. Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) asked: “Does Allāh Ta‘ālā not describe it as a thornless cherry tree? Allāh Ta‘ālā made it thornless, growing fruits in the place of each thorn. Every fruit of it has seventy-two different tastes and colours; one colour does not look like another.

Cherries have numerous benefits: 

They thin and detoxify the blood and are easy to digest. They heal the wounds and infections in the stomach. As they thin the blood, they unblock arteries and cleanse the liver and the blocked gallbladder. They also help the body get rid of inflammation, causing rheumatism.

If cherry stems are boiled for a couple of minutes, and the liquid is taken regularly for a certain period, it cleans the kidneys and urinary tract from stones, sand particles and infections.

Traditionally, its leaves are used as purgative, its bark for treating diarrhoea and fever, and blossoms for relaxing the chest.

Cherries can be consumed fresh, or they can be jammed, composted or preserved in jars. Yet its overconsumption may cause diarrhoea.

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  1. Kafam karıştı, kiraz dikenli değil ki. Genleriyle mi oynadık yoksa?

    1. Esasında burada anlatılmak istenen şu anladığım kadarıyla "Cherry" İngilizce'de hem "vişne" hem de "kiraz" anlamına geliyor. Bunun haricinde de Prunus cinsi ağaçların tamamına verilen isim "cherry". O yüzden burada dikenli / dikensizden kasıt bizim bilmediğimiz yörelerde yetişen türleri olabilir.