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As Rasulullah (s.a.w.) was looked after first by his grandfather, Abdulmuttalib and then his uncle Abu Talib after being orphaned by his father and then mother, he also took care of and educated Ali ibn Abu Talib at a very young age. When he was given the duty of being a Prophet, the first to have faith was Hazrat Khadija and then Hazrat Ali became a Muslim one day later. When Ali (r.a.) became a Muslim he was near the age of puberty, and until that time he never worshiped any idols.

Hazrat Ali was very brave and just, he was the lion of Allah, whoever he fought, he was victorious. Together with this he was soft-hearted, clever, humble, generous and never gave value to this world.

On his way to Siffin he dropped his shield. When returning he saw his shield in the hands of a Christian man. He took him to the Judge of Kufa, Shurayh, and said “This man has my shield.” The Christian denied the claim. The Judge asked Ali (r.a.) to bring forward two witnesses. His son Hasan and his freed slave Qanbar became his witness. Even though everyone knew that the grandson of Rasulullah (s.a.w.) will never tell a lie, because a son’s witness for his father is not accepted in Sharia, Shurayh asked for another witness. When Hazrat Ali could not find anyone else, the case was dropped. Ali (r.a.) was smiling, the Christian was in a state of astonishment. When he took the shield and walked away for a while, he thought for a bit and came back saying:

This ruling can only be the ruling of a true Prophet”, and he wanted to give the shield to Ali (r.a.) saying that he might have dropped it on his way to Siffin. But Ali (r.a.) gave him the shield and also gifted him a horse.

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) gave his most beloved daughter, Fatima al Zahra (r.anha) to Ali (r.a.) in marriage. From this marriage three sons, Hasan, Husayn and Muhassin, and two daughters, Zaynab and Ummu Kulthum was born. Muhassin passed away at a very young age. Ummu Kulthum was born before the passing away of Rasulullah (s.a.w.). Omar (r.a.) married her during his Caliphate. Together they had one daughter, Rukiyya, and one son, Zayd.


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