Cry out “Earthquake” and inform people nearby you about an earthquake taking place. Try to find a safe place, kneel down, squat there in such a way that you can protect your head and neck from materials that may hurtle down during the occurrence. Stay in your safe place until the quake is over. (During earthquakes, Muslims are advised to recite takbir “Allahuakbar”). If you duck under a table it can protect you from broken glass and falling debris, in case you are inside a building. If you are outside try to protect yourself from crumbling buildings, falling cables and trees.

Keep away from bridges, subways and electric poles. Do not use stairs, balconies or elevators during the earthquakes. Never try to jump down from balconies or windows. Calm down and try not to panic. First make sure you are safe. Later on, check the installations, in case of damage shut them off. If you smell gas shut off the gas valve, open the doors and windows, do not use matches or lighters, do not switch on lights. Leave the building fast. Do not use the phone except for emergency. Lastly check around to see if there are people around you who need help.

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