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Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said:

When my Ummah is involved in fifteen activities, calamities will descend upon them.

The Sahaba asked: O Rasulullah, what are they?

He replied: When the booty is distributed amongst the rich and the poor are left empty handed, When entrusted property is seen as booty, When giving Zakat is seen difficult to give and as a loss, When men obey their wives and disobey their mothers, When the voices are raised in the Masjids (when worldly talk increases), When friends are well-treated and fathers are ill-treated, When respect is shown to a person just to avoid their tyranny, When the worse (in terms of ancestry, and most stingy) among the people becomes their leader, Singing slaves will be available and instruments of music will be rampant, Consumption of alcohol is abundant and in the open, When the men wear silk and When those who come later of the Ummah curse the ones (Sahaba, Tabi’un, Taba Tabi’un) who came before them. Then wait for the red winds, the earthquake, for the soil to disappear and for the transformation of humans.” (An Nihaye, Ibn Kathir)

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