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There are three major mulberry types that grow across the world: White, red, and black mulberries. Among the three, the most popular is the white one. Mulberries can be consumed fresh or dried, and they can be used in molasses, vinegar, or rolls.

When eaten with a bit of honey, they heal infections and boils in the body and prevent throat tuberculosis.

Sour and green mulberries are good for appetite, especially for those whose stomachs are of hot characteristics. It removes inflammations in the stomach and is very effective against diarrhoea.

If you press mulberries and rinse your mouth with their juice in the mornings, it is good for the pain in the mouth. They are diuretics. They stop diarrhoea immediately when they are green and consumed after they are dried.

If they are eaten before a meal, they pass through the stomach quickly and help digestion of the food. However, if they are consumed after a meal, they spoil very quickly in the stomach, spoiling the other meals too. For this reason, they should not be eaten on a full stomach. If they are eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, they help to deworm the intestines.

Mulberries are beneficial against dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, kidney inflammation, hypertension, and nervous weakness. They prevent premature greying of hair.

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