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Allah Subhānahū Wa Ta‘ālā bestowed animals with noteworthy features. Below are listed some of them:

Cranes migrate from one corner of the world to the other in search of the ideal air currents. As they fly very high during migration, if they lose one another due to fog or clouds, they find each other by making a faint sound with their wings. When they land on a mountain for the night, they put their heads under their wings. Only one bird on duty sleeps without putting its head under its wings in order to hear noises.

Horses never forget the sound of the horses they had met before.

Bears can pick up sticks and stones from the ground and hurl them at people. They can easily climb trees. They squeeze walnuts in their claws or hit two together in order to break and eat them.

Crocodiles keep their mouths for a while open so that the crocodile bird, also called the Egyptian plover, cleans the debris and parasites between their teeth. Those birds have a kind of spike on their heads. If the crocodile attempts to close its jaws, this spike can hurt the crocodile, so the crocodile is obligated to keep its mouth open.

Weasels search for a rocket (arugula) when a snake bites them during a fight. When they find one, they eat it and are saved from the harmful effects of the bite. They also eat a herb called ruta graveolous (rue) as snakes dislike its smell and do not get close to them.

Dogs treat themselves by eating wheat heads when they have tummy pain and wild thyme if they get wounded.

Hedgehogs know whether the wind will blow from the north or south even before it blows and arrange the entrance of their burrows accordingly.

Swallows build their nests from mud and twigs. If they cannot find mud, they wet the soil with water and dip their wings into it to make mud.

Ants follow one line while coming to and leaving their nest and protecting one another.

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