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Rahim literally means connection among people related through birth. Sila al-rahim means being in contact with relatives and to visit them. It is also called sila al-rahim when a person visits his hometown while living somewhere else. Visiting the sick, helping the needy and the poor, looking for the lost ones, forgiving those who ill-treated you among the relatives are all sila al-rahim, which is the best service to community and a token of humanity.

Anas bin Malik (Radhiyallahu Anhu) was reported to have said: “I heard Rasulullah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) say: “Whoever feels happy when his rizq (sustenance) becomes blessed and the rest of his life is extended should fulfil sila al-rahim.

Some alims (scholars) said regarding whom sila-rahm should be made with. Some said relatives are the people whom sila-rahm should be made, some said inheritors, some said all family members.

Qadhi Iyadh (rah) said: “There is no dispute that sila-rahm is Wâjib (required). And neglecting such a Wâjib deed is a very big sin. The Ahadith Sharif in this regard bear witness to that.

Moreover, sila al-rahm has several degrees. The lower form of it is to ask about the well-being of the relatives with kind words. From this step it goes up to higher levels by visiting, helping, giving financial support, moral support, etc. Some type of sila al-rahm is Wâjib (required) while some are mustahab (recommended). A believer who can afford to fulfil only the first level of sila al rahm and fail to accomplish other higher levels will be still regarded as the person who fulfilled sila al-rahm. However, the believer who attempts to fulfil sila-rahm by just greeting and asking after his family members and relatives even though he is able to help and support them financially, or physically but abstains to do so will not be regarded to have fulfilled the duty of sila-rahm at all. He will be held responsible and questioned about it on the day of qiyamah (judgment).

(Tajrid Al-Sarih Translation and commentary)


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