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Devices such as mobile phones, TV’s, tablets and computers have entered all aspects of life. Together with its many amenities, there is also its harms. The greatest of harms is games and films which ruin the spiritual life, meaning belief and manners. If using these devices becomes an addiction, it will lead to distancing oneself from the community, and decrease the time students spend studying, and parents spend with their families. Parents who use mobile phones, TV’s and computers to the degree of addiction, will not be able to have good communication with their children, and would set a bad example.

The use of mobile phones, TV’s, tablets and computers of children should be restricted and limited to set times. This restriction should be planned with the child and should always be obeyed. When we are bringing up our children, we should always be restrained. The webpages visited and games played by our children should be appropriate for their age and should aid them in learning and growing up. It should always be controlled and children should be aware that it is being controlled.

Education and learning are very important factors in the development of children and teenagers. We should not leave them unprotected against harmful things and make sure they succeed in this world and in the Akhirah.


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