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The chieftain of the Amir clan came to Rasulullah (s.a.w) and asked some questions. He said “Is there any benefit from the good deeds while bad sins are also committed?

Rasulullah (s.a.w) said:

Yes there is. Repentance cleanses the sins, and goodness erases the evil. If the servant recites the name of Allah in times were they are comfortable, then Allah will help them in their times of trouble.

He asked: “How is this possible?Rasulullah (s.a.w) said:

Allah All-Mighty says: I avow on my glory and honour that I will not allow two securities and two fears to come together in my servants. If my servants fear me in this world, then in Akhirah, I will put them in my Jannah were their safety will continue. And I will also not destroy them with the damned. But if they do not fear me in this world and think they are in salvation, then when I gather my servants of the Day of Judgement, they will fear me and their fear will continue.

O Muhammed! What do you invite people to?

I invite them to obey the one and only Allah, to dismiss the idols, and to believe in the prophets and books of Allah, to pray five times a day by fulfilling the conditions and to fast one month a year. I invite you to cleanse yourself and your wealth by giving Zakat, if you have the means to go on Hajj, to cleanse yourself from Junub, to believe in resurrection after death and in heaven and hell.

O Muhammad! What do I gain in return for these?

Rasulullah (s.a.w) read the 76th Ayah from Surah TahaGardens of perpetual residence beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. And that is the reward of one who purifies himself.

I am a man who likes this life. Is there a reward for me in this world together with the reward in Akhirah?

 “Yes, there is the help of Allah and the safety to live in your lands.

The chieftain of the Amir clan accepted the invitation of Rasulullah (s.a.w) and became a Muslim

(al Kamil fi Tarikh)


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