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The second condition of Faith: to believe that angels (Malaik) are dignified servants of Allah and act as a trustworthy intermediate of Wahy between Allah and the prophets.

As stated in Surah Anbiya Ayah 26 and 27, the angels are dignified servants of Allah, and never act or speak without the command of Allah.

Angels are created from Noor (light). They can take any shape with their own will or by reciting holy names. Hence, Jibrail (a.s) would be seen to Rasulullah (s.a.w) in the appearance of some of the Sahaba

Angels are neither male nor female, and contrary to humans or Jinns they do not eat, drink, be born, give birth and do not have the source of all evil: lust and rage.

Some of the angels spend the whole day and night, with no breaks, doing nothing but reciting the name of Allah. These are called Mukarrabuon and Illiyyuon. Some of angels are on the earth and sky only fulfilling the commands of Allah. Furthermore, there are 384 angels on every human. Among them are the Kiraaman Katibeen, which write all the deeds of the person and present them to Allah every day. 

Only Allah knows the number of angels. Among them are the four biggest angels, which are the prophets of the angels:

1- Jibrail (a.s): Given the duty of Wahy (revelation)

2- Mikail (a.s.): Given the duty of certain incidents for example, the wind, rain, and growing of gains and vegetables.

3- Israfil (a.s): Given the duty to blow the Sur (horn), for the day of judgement to happen and the dead to be resurrected.

4- Azrail (a.s): Given the duty to take the lives of the living.

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  1. I've always found angels t obe fascinating!

  2. Thanks for the interesting post.
    I didn't know that a person has +300 angels. İt's just wow 😳 if only we could see them! I mean we can't even share a small room with someone else, how can they fit in our lives? I'm curious about their shapes but now I'm just wondering their size. Do you think there is too small Angels? I wanna meet them in the afterlife but OC course not with angels of Jahannam haha 😅
    Also, "the prophets of angels is such a strange definition." I mean they already know the Creator. Do they still need prophets? Don't they all have direct communication with Allah, even if it is one-way?
    Your article made me think a lot haha.

    1. It is not appropriate to think about the shape of angels. It is not possible to explain this rationally. As Muslims, we believe in the unseen.

      "The prophets of angels" means "the 4 biggest angels". So it's not about whether they need a prophet or not.

      Thanks for your comment.

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