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Abu Darda (r.a.) saw two oxen in the meadows. When one of the oxen stopped to scratch its back the other oxen stopped as well. Seeing this Abu Darda (r.a.) said:

This is how friendship for the sake of Allah should be: Both work for the cause of Allah. When one of them stops, the other does not continue but waits for the other.

Sincerity in friendship in Islam can only be fulfilled with following each other. Those who do not have sincerity in their friendship are hypocrites. Ikhlas, sincerity means to always protect the rights of friendship either together or when your friend is away, with the heart and tongue, secret and openly, separate or together with others. A change in character and action in any of these situations will be two-faced in friendship.

The right of friendship is a heavy burden, only those with a sincere heart can have the strength to fulfil it. Its rewards are also great. And only those who Allah lets will succeed.

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said:

"O Abu Hurayra, get along well with your neighbour so that you become a perfect Muslim. Get along well with your friend so that you become a perfect believer.

"Do not struggle with your friend, do not make fun of them and do not go back on your promise to them.

"Mu’mins are like stones which join buildings to one another and make them strong.


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